Issue No. 9, August 2020

About this issue:

Contributors are Olaitan Abdulafeez, Mehreen Ahmed, MP Armstrong, Jide Badmus, Clayre Benzadón, Atlas Brenner, Stela Brinzeanu, Hannah Brown, Kristine Brown, Diane Callahan, SM Colgan, TaNia Donatto, John Dorroh, Aleah Dye, Annelise Edwards-Daem, Grace Alice Evans, Sam Frost, Mukund Gnanadesikan, Trevann Hamilton, Doug Hawley, Mike Hickman, Stephanie Jacobs, Christy Jones, Jessica Kim, Edward Lee, Alice Lowe, Angelina Martin, Rebecca Minelga, Syd Richardson, Rikki Santer, Jennifer Schneider, Boloere Seibidor, Tara Van De Mark, Elliott Voorhees, Sarah Wallis and Kaila Woelk.

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